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Each year brings positive change and I eagerly look forward to greeting students, families, and staff. I believe in the African adage, “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” and strive to instill that ideal to all who interact with our students who are the best and possess a unique set of talents and potential that must be nurtured and strengthened.

At Leavenworth we want each and every person that comes onto our site to know they are valued. We believe in fresh-starts and new beginnings. We believe in growth and potential and we believe in bringing everyone together to accomplish success.

To our students, we want you to know how much we truly care about you at Leavenworth Elementary. You matter and we hope that every day you leave our building knowing how special you are and just how much potential you hold.

To our parents and guardians, you are just as important. Without you, we will not reach our full potential as a school. We value you and your opinions. We look to you as a partner in your child’s education.

To our teachers I want you to know that your passion, your energy, your investment in our children does not go unnoticed. You have the most important job in the world by providing the power of education to today’s youth, thereby giving them the possibility of a better future. You are our inspiration and role models to follow. You impact lives. I am honored to work by your side to serve our families.

To Leavenworth staff you are the beating heart of our school. Our custodians, kitchen manager, office manager and assistant, our nurse, librarian, NTAs, crossguards, coadmin, afterschool personnel, counselors, homeschool liaisons, PARAs, and school psychologist. Because of you our teachers can instruct and prepare our students, because of you our families are able to bring our students to school and know they are safe and cared for.

So as we kickoff this school year, I invite you to be part of the Leavenworth community and I say:

Welcome to your School Come on In!

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