About the PTO

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) helps support our students and school by sponsoring projects and events, raising & managing funds for these activities, helping with communication, and more.

Volunteers welcome!

The PTO has informational meetings and events throughout the school year. If you would like to volunteer, help is always welcome with preparing flyers, signs for events, hosting a snack booth during sporting events, volunteering for all school events like the book fair, and helping with fundraisers. 

PTO Board Members

All parents and the school teachers and staff are part of the PTO! It is especially helpful to have a diverse group of board members: parents and teachers, English and Spanish speakers, those who are new to the school and those who are well connected, and those who are available in the mornings, during the day, or after school. The PTO board is responsible for managing finances, hosting fundraisers, and assisting with school activities.

PTO Funds

Here are some examples of the types of enrichment activities the PTO helps to fund: tshirts for Peach Blossom participants, pastries with parents event, purchase of a poster printer, snacks for Read Across America day, etc.

If you would like to serve on the PTO board, or volunteer in some way, please let the school office know! 

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